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A bijou in Paris

Renovation of an apartment in Paris

This furniture system is ideal for those needing to optimize their house spaces. Thanks to the collapsible floors, a dining room or a study can be easily created based on one’s needs. Moreover, the mezzanines allow for additional use of the vertical spaces. Lastly, in case one needs to store items away, the drawers integrated into the rise of the stairs are the perfect solution to keep the house tidy without giving style up.

  • Location

    Paris, France

Leaf through the project’s photobook

Full height bookcase with double depth horizontal nieche

Drawers integrated in the rise of the stairs

Mion Antonio Arredamenti S.n.c. – Via Desman 26 – Zianigo di Mirano – 30035 – Venice – Italy
Email: – Tel. +39 041 431271