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Our history

Mion Arredamenti is a historic carpentry founded during the early 20th century years, having as legacy, tradition, and art in woodworking. Everything started with crafting barrels, moving then to carpentry with the construction of small wood cases to prefab pieces (From 1940 to 1945).

Later, we had our first experiences making door and window frames, collaborating with authorities and leading restoration companies, and obtaining enrollment in the national builders’ registry.

From the 90s, the company specialized in the furniture sector, starting from renovating and restoring interiors and collaborating with design studios, architects, and experts in the sector.

All of these experiences made us able today to have products that follow the most modern expectations in every aspect. Partnerships continue in the nautical field with “Fincantieri” and “Cantieri Navali Vicentini” for the construction of wooden handrails for vessels.

Thanks to its history and the experience accumulated over the years, in 2021, Mion Arredamenti entered the National Registry for Historical Companies. The latter was established in 2011 on the 150° anniversary of Italy’s unification to encourage awards for those companies that, during the years, transmitted their knowledge heritage and entrepreneurial value to the following generations.

The National Registry for Historical Companies presents our country’s centennial companies that, thanks to their uninterrupted activity, contributed writing to Italy’s economic history.