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The complete production chain from designing to assembling


The realization process of a project can be long and complicated. Still, it’s important to follow every stage with care and attention to grant a satisfactory final result for the client. The client demand is the first stage of the process, during which we try to understand their needs and expectations. Successively, a meeting with the client is made to discuss the possible options and solutions we provide. Once all the necessary information is gathered, the place where the project will end is evaluated. The real design follows the guidelines of the client. Once the design is approved, the physical realization starts, using high-quality materials and carefully made finishings. Lastly, a detailed estimate along with a description of every used material and finish is provided to the client.


Every product we provide is built based on a design project, meaning there is a technical design to follow. Based on it, the most functional and aesthetical manufacturing is stabilized. During the building stage, it’s fundamental to use high-quality materials and that the manufacturing processes are followed with maximum precision. In this way, a satisfying, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and resistant final result can be obtained.


During the makeup step, the finishing touches that will give the product its desired look, such as the gleam or the opacity, are applied. It’s very important to note that the environment where this process occurs is pressurized, to grant the maximum painting quality. Moreover, all the finishings are made with care for the environment, using water or hydro-oil finishings with low contents of solvents. In this way, the environmental sustainability of the production process is guaranteed.

Transport and assembly

We provide a full transport and assembly service for all of our products. All the steps are made by our employees. Thanks to the use of dedicated goods hoists, we are capable of carrying out the transport and assembly on elevated floors as well, granting maximum security and precision in installing our products. We’re always attentive to our clients’s needs and we try to offer a custom service for any kind of request.

Boat transport

We also provide a boat transport service, thanks to a specialized company we rely on for this kind of transportation. Throughout the use of goods hoists, we avoid transporting the furniture through the staircases of Venetian houses.

Renovation operations

Gli interventi di ripristino su manufatti (siano essi componenti strutturali o mobili interni) che noi facciamo, hanno lo scopo di conservare il manufatto e tutti i suoi elementi tipologici,formali,architettonici e artistici.

Renovation operations on furniture (be it structural components or whole pieces of furniture) that we make have the purpose to preserve it and all its typical, formal, architectural, and artistic elements.