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Between Heaven and Earth

Design portrait furnishing project Venice

This apartment was built to be a home studio, in which rooms have been divided into two floors with collapsible floors.
Thanks to the mezzanine, hosting the sofa bed and tea room areas, the apartment is unique and welcoming. The fan-shaped stairs that provide access to the mezzanine are integrated with spacious drawers on the side of the stairs. A sofa bed and a bookcase are positioned on different levels, making the room more functional. Part of said bookcase extrudes itself to leave space for a cable. The multi-folding kitchen is distinguished by top surfaces and seatbacks emphasizing the wooden material. The volumes are closed by completely smooth doors, with no prominence, giving the room a more elegant and modern look.

  • Location

    Venice, Italy

Leaf through the project’s photobook

Solution with collapsible floors and steps with drawers