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Ca Bottacin University Venice

A/C external units covering

The project of covering the external A/C units on the terrace of Ca Bottacin University was undertaken to create a comforting and functional space. The A/C units, which were previously unaesthetic, have now been covered with thermal-treated wooden material that was lacquered in a grey coating. This not only highlights the veining of the wood but also adds a touch of elegance to the terrace.
To enhance the peaceful ambiance of the terrace, two vertical flower holder elements were added, allowing the space to be decorated with plants and flowers. Additionally, two benches made of the same material as the covers were added to complete the furnishing of the terrace, making the open space even more comfortable.

Overall, the project has transformed the terrace into an ideal place to spend peaceful outdoor moments, while also improving the aesthetic appeal of the A/C units.