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White lacquered kitchen

This kitchen is the perfect mix of elegance and functionality. The etched Durmast wood lacquered in white gives the kitchen a modern and sophisticated look. The top surface in Corian with an integrated sink makes cleaning easy and keeps the kitchen always tidy, while the slim painted steel structure grants a sturdy and minimalistic look to it. The snack area in solid truncated Durmast wood creates a warm and welcoming air, perfect for sharing meals with family or friends. In this kitchen, beauty, and functionality merge perfectly to give birth to a comfortable space to live in.

The high-quality materials and design choices make the kitchen unique. Every detail has been studied to offer the maximum comfort and practicality in daily uses. The cabinets and drawers are equipped with dampening closures that grant it a delicate and silent closing, while the LED illumination system highlights the elegant and modern aspects of the kitchen.