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Meeting Room Ca’ Foscari

Creation of the Meeting Room and Reception areas

The meeting room has been projected with the scope of giving a comfortable and functional experience. The structure is made of lacquered multilayer wooden benches and can house a large number of participants, granting optimal visibility to anyone present as well. The integrated A/C system allows for a pleasant and cool environment. Moreover, the benches are equipped with outlets to recharge devices, both USB and normal outlets, so anyone can use their electronic device without worrying about the battery dying.

The reception area is equipped with curving separators that give a relaxing and welcoming air to it, making it perfect for both formal and informal work meetings. The meeting room with a bench-like structure, an integrated A/C system, outlets to recharge laptops (both USB and electric), and a separator between the reception area with curved evolution is the ideal solution for the work needs of any kind of company.

  • Location

    Venice, Italy